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"Awacs" uzdotie jautājumi  [???]
Paradumi - Kādi ir Tavi iecienītākie ēdieni?
Nase Goreng / Bami Goreng - Fried Rice, Indonesian style w shrimps, fried cut egg (omelet), red peppar, Sambal Oelek, Sambal Brandal with additional accessories. Very tasty! Only able to get it in the Netherlands but I make it myself!:)
2019-05-21 14:02
Humors - pastāsti smieklīgāko anekdoti, ko Tu atceries?
When one makes mistakes because one is absent-minded, or you by fast action make something fall over, just because your coordination isn´t there on the day. Everyday situations!:)
2019-05-21 14:04
Horoskopi - vai Tu tici horoskopiem?
No, not at all - I respect that others do - but I want no part of it and I left a person I dated, when she started reading things into everything based on a local perception of life, evaluating me based on her experience fr here (only) and it also was a fact that she spoke no English, and my Latvian then, back in 1998-99, was absolute rubbish (frankly), even if I tried ever so hard. Those kind of assumptions are very detrimental and you need build a level of empiri of the person in several circumstances before you can say ““you know““. You simply don“t! It“s like saying all men are useless or all women are - too. Maybe you yourself are wearing the wrong glasses?:)
2019-05-28 02:21
Literatūra - kāda ir Tava mīļākā pasaka?
Probably golf, organising wine tasting with people who value this. Sailing a small boat so you feel it. Cooking tasty food!
2017-12-31 22:12
Dzīvnieki - vai Tev ir kāds mājdzīvnieks? Kāds, kā viņu sauc?
No, none. I like them but they take up too much time and space.
2017-12-31 22:10
Mīlat labi paēst?
Yes, but international European food! And Asian.
2017-12-31 22:08
Literatūra - kādas grāmatas Tu lasi?
British and American books covering the Second World War.
2017-12-31 22:10
Redzu, Jums patīk labi un daudz ēst, vai pats arī gatavojat?
I don“t eat a lot but I eat well and what interests me - often Asiatic and spicy:)
2017-12-31 22:17
Redzu, Jums patīk labi un daudz ēst, vai pats arī gatavojat?
Protams maku! Daudz ne, riktigs ja. When I need new ideas I speak to my mother, or find a new recipe or experiment. Must have change!
2019-05-28 02:29
Tev patiik 18 gadigas blondiniites?
No, they may be nice, but a waste of time for both of us.
2019-05-28 02:22
Svaiks! Tavs hobijs ir fotografēt lidmodeļus vai lidot pašam ???

Yes, that is one of the things I do! But I need correct you, these are not models - they are REAL aircraft from the Second World would be a D R E AM to fly them and operate them....but it is a far-fetched dream.... It cost about 4,500 GBP to fly a Spitfire in 2010´s prices.. So to be among them is my pass time.
2019-05-28 02:26
Raksturs - nosauc vismaz trīs savas vissliktākās īpašības?
Lack of patience - but it is very much connected to local society where there is disarray.And the lack of communication stops the correction of outstanding issues thus the same problems are back time and again without every dissipating. REMEDY: eat and sleep well, handle these issues during non-stressful situations.

MY technical sense is not developed enough, but not my ability to go into too deep an issue - I quickly get bored, and simply do not have the ability to press on doing things I cannot see that I ever can solve -REMEDY: out source or delegate and ask those better “designed“ to take care of these things so I can do what I am better at, simply.

Lazy people and people who don“t think, and live from other people irritate me and I simply don“t have patience for these. Still, I think we need show compassion towards those who have less.
2019-05-28 02:28
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